Seirou Opera Chapter 6


Hey guys! We have today’s release designated for Seirou Opera. We’re planning on releasing more and more of the behind series since everyone’s been patiently waiting. Even so, please be patient while we’re doing so as it takes a bit to do every step to ensure that it’s up to our quality for your enjoyment. Also, if you decide to release anywhere (mangafox, mangahere, batoto,etc) please wait 3 hours just incase we’ve made errors in our releases too. Anyways, please enjoy chapter 6 of Seirou Opera!

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One thought on “Seirou Opera Chapter 6

  1. harada says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for scanlating this manga, I am a big fan of Sakurakouji Kanoko and getting to read her manga makes me very happy. It hasn’t updated in awhile and I wasn’t sure if you have dropped it or not. It is still listed on your site as a current project, so is there any outlook on a future release? If not do you know where/how I can find this manga translated to English? Thanks so much for your work on Seirou Opera so far! 🙂

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