PLEASE READ BEFORE APPLYING: We don’t accept anyone younger than 15 years old in Summer Rain. Internet feedback can be extremely positive and negative, and as admins, we would feel responsible if an underage member (aged 13, for example) felt pressure that would be detrimental to their mental health. Therefore we request that they apply back when they’re 15.

If you’d like to join the staff here at Summer Rain, please, please read in great detail each position(s) you’re interested in.

While we do prefer people who can be full timers for scanlating, part timers are still welcome. Before you apply, you should know that this IS NOT a paid position, it’s purely volunteering. If at any point you need to take a break or go on hiatus, just let us know and we’ll write hiatus next to your name. Don’t just leave without emailing first because it really messes with staff assignments and we’ll have to find another member to take over your part. When you join us, you will be expected to be committed. Please don’t disappear and stop replying to emails just because you’re too lazy because it’ll cause delays with our releases and no one will be happy with that. If you simply don’t want to be part of the group anymore, let us know. Things happen, and we understand if you want to retire, but don’t just disappear.

Expect a reply within a week or two after you submit your test (•⚗৺⚗•)


  • No experience is necessary, however proficiency in Japanese and English is required.
  • Varied knowledge of Japanese tradition(s), customs, slang, current pop culture and onomatopeioa is required. We don’t expect everyone to have 100% knowledge of everything, but as long as you’re confident that you’re familiar with Japanese culture, that’s a bonus.
  • Here at SR, we use American English (color, not colour, etc). If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.



  • An understanding of English and good grasp of grammar is required.
    While you DO NOT need to have proficiency in Japanese, knowing it will help immensely.
  • You must be detailed in correcting the translator’s typos and grammar errors. Make the translations sound better and more natural, but do not change the meaning.
  • We’re looking for proper grammatical corrections such as punctuation, capital and lowercase where it should be, etc.
  • Here at SR, we use American English (color, not colour, etc). If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask



  • For the sake of consistency, Adobe Photoshop is required. Gimp, photofilter, Paint tool SAI and so on will not be accepted. There’s been too many errors because of this.
  • Being a cleaner requires an understanding of how to level and redraw as well
  • Experience is preferred, but we welcome anyone who’s willing to work hard and learn



  • Photoshop is required.
  • We’re looking for someone who isn’t afraid to color outside the lines with fonts they believe are suitable for text that is delivered in any emotional way.
  • That being said, you must stay consistent. If you choose wild words for the speech bubble, but then use it for small text, that’s a no no. Once a font’s chosen for each “part”, stick to it. The only exception is that the way the text is delivered is different from the normal text. For example, if they’re shouting or angry, you’ll also see bolded kanji instead of normal kanji)
  •  You MUST have a good sense of positioning for text being placed precisely in the center of the page and isn’t all over the place.



  • Someone who’s proficient in cleaning and typesetting
  • Adobe photoshop is required for this position

Download and complete both the cleaner + typesetter test to submit your application.

When you’re finished, please send the zipped file (you can do rar as well) to

Note: If you didn’t pass our test, wait another week before applying again.