Recruiting Translators!

Hello everyone!

Summer Rain is now recruiting TRANSLATORS! Those who are interested should follow the link below to our recruitment page for more information. Please, Please, PLEASE! Read everything carefully before applying!

If there are any problems with the link, images, and so on, let us know and we’ll fix it. Do your best!

Recruitment Page

Aruitou 24


Good morning, everyone!
Together with Misty Rain Scans, we present to you Chapter 24 of Aruitou!
Please enjoy the release, and as always, reading and download are available on our website.


Short Cake Cake 7

Hello hello!

Chapter 7 of Short Cake Cake is now available for reading and download on Summer Rain’s official site!
A special thanks goes to Akai-852 from DeviantART for giving us permission to use her art in our credit page. If you haven’t heard of her, do take the time to look at her lovely coloring!