PSA: Concerning Haru Matsu Bokura and Summer Rain

Hello everyone.
Lately, there’s been some drama concerning Summer Rain, Colors of Spring, and the manga Haru Matsu Bokura. Those who’ve seen the comments on have an idea of the situation, but for those who haven’t, here’s what happened.

A few days ago, we received an email from Colors of Spring stating that they’ve taken a translation from Itsukii and already used it to typeset chapter 19 of Haru Matsu Bokura. Their wish was to post it on our website and samples of the chapter were included, but we declined and explained to them our reasons. Colors of Spring then replied saying that regardless of what we think, they would continue scanlating the manga before they released it online. This started quite an argument about Summer Rain’s actions as well as ethics and etiquette in the scanlation community, and while we certainly can’t speak for all groups when it comes to the latter, we can clear up some of the confusion about why this even happened.

Why did Admin Hues reject their offer to help for free with Haru Matsu Bokura?

First off, EVERYONE working for Summer Rain is doing so for free. All releases are done on volunteered time from our members; it was never on paid time and it never will be. Second, hijacking a project which we’ve already bought the raw manga for doesn’t help, it reduces our motivation and makes us angry because they might as well have slapped us in the face with a note saying “You didn’t do it fast enough, and I’m a big fan so I’ll do it <3". Colors of Spring claims their chapter was an offer to collaborate; but a collaboration requires both groups to agree and work on it together. They did this without our knowledge and we agreed to nothing. Finally, Summer Rain’s website is only for chapters we've worked on, be it solo or with another group. Before, it looked like only Tsubaki was working on everything. I just wanted to help out?

The reason Tsubaki’s name was on a lot of the roles was because she had the most free time and wanted to help get releases out faster. Her standards were very high and she was specific with how things should be done. Anyone who wants to help should check out the recruitment page and see if we’re looking for new members. If we are, then by all means try your hand at the test. Currently, we have enough staff and aren’t looking for new members, but we will make announcements if applications open up for any particular roles.

Why is it taking so long to release chapters if you’re still working on the manga?

Tsubaki passed away in October and her death wasn’t something anyone saw coming. We all needed time to mourn. Afterwards, we had to figure out who was still with the group and who wasn’t, who would take charge, and what we could do to keep Summer Rain going. You might notice that there are 2 different Summer Rain pages for Tumblr and Facebook. That’s because Tsubaki was the only person with access to our social media and since we couldn’t access those accounts, they had to be abandoned. Chane, Hues and Kyky had to start over with all of the social media from nothing. The same situation applied to our store of raw manga, and simply getting the raws again took time. We’re currently working our way to regularly paced releases again, but chapters won’t get done in a day. That’s just unrealistic.

You have been updating, but why are almost all of your updates of old projects?

When our old website went down, the reader and all chapters on there went with it. Tsubaki’s goal with the new reader was to fill it up again it with every chapter we’ve ever released, but she passed away before that could be accomplish. In order to give everyone things to read while they wait, we followed that plan and began moving all old projects to the new site. Summer Rain’s reader has no need for user info or log-ins, and it doesn’t allow pop-ups and ads. Every chapter also has a download option, which we thought readers would appreciate, especially because it’s all for free.

What does Summer Rain plan on doing with Haru Matsu Bokura?

Since money was already spent purchasing the raw manga, we’ll continue to release however many chapters we can. Once the licensed English version of Haru Matsu Bokura is out in July, Summer Rain will drop the project. Any chapters that were already released will still be available on our reader. We hope it’ll generate more interest in the series and encourage readers to support the author and publisher by purchasing the volumes themselves.

Aruitou 23

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Good Morning!
Together with Misty Rain Scans, we present to you Chapter 23 of Aruitou. Please enjoy the release, and as always, reading and download are available on our website! Just follow the links below!