Our Final Announcement

Hello everyone.

Today we come to you with an important announcement. Summer Rain Scans is shutting down.

As time went on our team became increasingly busy with school, work, and other things in real life, and we no longer have the necessary staff to continue working on projects. It’s been a wild year with many ups and downs and we were glad to have been able to at least carry on our former admin’s legacy for a little longer; however, all good things come to end.

Thus, effective immediately, the following Summer Rain projects will be transferred to groups below. All SR projects not listed here will be available for other groups to scanlate. Our permission is not needed if you wish to take them on.

Thank you for all of the support you have given Summer Rain for the past few years.

Agents of Change
Short Cake Cake

Shoujo Hearts
Otonari wa 1-ken de 2-do Oishii
Taihen Yoku Dekimashita
Fushigi no Kuni no Arigsugawa-san
Watashitachi ni wa Kabe ga Aru
Obaka-chan, Koigatariki

Ichirei Shite, Kiss
Stella to Mille Feuille

Shoujo Hearts and S2Scans collaboration
Seirou Opera
ByeBye Liberty